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Reiki Healing

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics 

✨Reiki Healing ✨

Reiki is an energy healing practice that is considered safe with no side effects.

Under the notion that the body is more than a physical entity, Reiki focuses on all aspects of being including:
- mentally
- emotionally
- and spiritually

If you want to promote a positive mindset and overall happy lifestyle, let me help you explore Reiki!!

Holistic medicine can help heal your body from physical illnesses to mental conditions. (Amazing)

Practitioners of Reiki not only use their hands to massage your body, but they also have specific mantras and blessings they recite to clear negative energy from your body. ❣️

The Reiki session will help clear your mind and soul from mental and emotional toxins.

During a session, you will lie on a table fully clothed for up to an hour. Most treatment rooms play soft music to create a peaceful atmosphere. You might even become so relaxed that you fall asleep. Some people even experience warm, glowing energy or a feeling of energy being unblocked, whereas other people simply have an overall feeling of relaxation. 💖

If you are in the Northeastern Wisconsin area and would like to try a Reiki healing session, please reach out to me!

Contact me here!

📸 @featherlitestudios

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